Expert opinion: European integration doesn`t conflict with Armenia's membership in EEU


The European integration policy does not conflict with Armenia's membership in the Eurasian Economic Union, the head of the NGO "European Integration" Karen Bekaryan said to journalists on Tuesday.

"There is an interesting formula: the more contradictions we seek, the more of them we find. The challenge is to look for similarities in the interests of Armenia, following the policy of "both...and," said Bekaryan at the press conference on Tuesday.

According to him, the EEU is an economic union and it is the economic component that matters.

"In case of the EU, we have to deal with a broader agenda that also includes an economic component, which should be developed," said Bekaryan, noting that at the moment Armenia is willing to develop relations with the EU.

According to him, judging by the statements of the EU and Armenian officials before the Summit in Riga, we can conclude that the period of uncertainty and consultations in the relationships between the EU and Armenia is over.

"At present, we expect the EU to give negotiators a mandate to discuss and sign a legal document. We hope that this will happen before or during the Riga Summit, after which the EU and Armenia will sign a new document," said Bekaryan.

According to him, the political part of the document will be based on the modified Armenia–EU Association Agreement, which was discussed earlier. Changes will be made in the economic part, taking into account Armenia's membership in the EEU.

As previously stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan, the European Union and Armenia intend to sign the cooperation agreement during the Riga Summit on May 21-22, which will be held in the framework of the EU "Eastern Partnership" program including Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus .

Text and pictures by AMI NOVOSTI-ARMENIA