Ukraine desires to continue working in CIS


Ukraine expressed a desire to continue working in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), said CIS Executive Committee Head Sergey Lebedev on Monday in Lahoysk, Belarus.

After the power change in Ukraine in February, 2014, the new authorities made a statement on the intention to terminate the participation in the CIS. In November, Kyiv withdrew its representative Anatoly Dronya from the CIS Executive Committee.

“Ten days ago, we made an official request to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and received an official response, according to which Ukraine will continue participating in the CIS work, but selectively, where the country considers it’s useful,” admitted Lebedev.

He noted that “the presence of Ukraine in the CIS is preserved.” Lebedev recalled the recent meeting of the CIS Economic Council in Moscow, attended by a Ukrainian representative.

The Ukrainian Permanent Mission of the CIS Executive Committee left the building of the organization in Minsk and moved to the Ukrainian Embassy. “They have the right to decide on their location,” Lebedev stressed.

He reminded that about six years ago the Ukrainian representation headquarters was also located at the Embassy.

Text by IA Novosti-Kazakhstan

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