CIS defense and law enforcement agencies to cooperate in investigating transnational crimes


The Russian government approved the draft international agreement on forming the joint Operational-Investigations Groups (OIG) of defense and law enforcement agencies operating in the territories of the CIS member states, it was reported on Thursday.

The document, developed by the Interior Ministry of Russia and agreed with the related law enforcement and supervision bodies, provides for the cooperation of defense and law enforcement agencies in the investigation of transnational crimes.

"The purpose of the agreement is to regulate the establishment and operation of the joint OIG for the detection and investigation of crimes ... aligned with the necessity to provide evidence or to prosecute and investigate in the territories of two or more countries," says the document, RIA Novosti reported.

The joint groups will be formed to investigate crimes that are either committed by the same people in the territories of two or more countries, or "affect their interests" in some other way. To make the cooperation of such groups more efficient, the document specifies the "simplified interaction procedure."

The scope of the OIG activities will include rapid exchange of information, mutual provision of information about the investigation, working out versions of crime in the territory of each country, carrying out expert examinations and other prosecutorial activities, including maintaining the confidentiality of the documents provided by foreign colleagues.

"As soon as the agreement comes into force, any CIS member state will be able to join it. The agreement comes into force 30 days after the state approves it," the document says.

The Government will submit the approved draft agreement to the President of the Russian Federation to be signed.

Text and pictures by AMI NOVOSTI-ARMENIA