Cease fire


The Ukrainian armed forces and the militia men mutually state that despite the cease-fire there continues gunfire in the controlled territories. According to DPR, on February 20 the Ukrainian army broke the agreement 15 times, attacking Donetsk’s outskirts and the airport. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine tells about an artillery barrage at a café in Avdeyevka that resulted in 3 victims.

Despite the cease-fire the official site of Mariupol announced about tonight’s booming that was heard in the city. The parties to conflict continue blaming each other on ceasefire violations. Aleksandr Motuzyanik, the head of the ATO press-centre, informed there were 60 cases of cease-fire violations.

“At night 4 cases of our rival’s cease-fire violations took place. They were shooting at our positions and civilian settlements. Overall, we witnessed 57 gun fires and one military clash. Generally, the shooting at the contact line decreased in part,” said Motuzyanik.

“But the enemy continues shooting at our positions and civilian settlements. For example, they shot at Stepnoye, Peski, Vodyanoye and Avdeyevka,” he added.

According to Motuzyanik, the stand-off continues in Mariupol’s line: “Their mortars were launched into our positions at Shirokino. Furthermore, right now we fix our rivals’ intelligence activation. Especially as far as drones are concerned. In a day we recorded 15 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Our anti-aircraft warfare shot down one of them in Donetsk district. Today from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. an attack took place. It was a so-called fighting patrol at Shirokino. DPR’s soldiers tried to storm our positions but the attack was beaten off”.

The information about the cease-fire violations was proved by the militia men too. DPR’s Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin informed of mortar attacks.

“9 times the cease-fire was violated by the Ukrainian armed forces at the airport. At the moment we have no data about the number of victims. A DPR’s representative proved the information about shooting in Mariupol. At Shirokino Kyiv used provocative measures; they shoot at our positions,” says Basurin.

At the same time Vyacheslav Abroskin, the Head of the Ukrainian MIA Headquarters posted in Facebook the information about gun fires that resulted in civilian victims.

“A projectile hit a café “Brevno”, three men died. The data are verified. A special investigative group is working at the scene,” wrote Abroskin.

The Ukrainian government and militia men didn’t manage to give details. But both parties to conflict blame each other.

“We don’t control Avdeyevka. This locality is under the Ukrainian army’s control. Militia men don’t shoot. It’s a provocation. We don’t shoot at the city,” stated Basurin.

“I am not aware of that. But it won’t be a surprise if they (DPR) shoot at localities. I mean shooting on purpose and by accident, Avdeyevka included,” commented Motuzyanik.

It’s worth saying that despite the mutual accusations a prisoner exchange should take place today in Luhansk. Vladislav Brig, a representative of DPR’s Ministry of Defense, failed to inform of the coming event, referring to a connection error. Basurin in his turn said that “the exchange is at 2 p.m. I don’t know the exact number of prisoners. Our part provides 37 people”.

Earlier it was feared that DPR would start offensive actions towards Mariupol in case the rival continued shooting. But a DPR’s Ministry of Defense representative stated they didn’t start the offensive yet.

“There were no any actions in Mariupol’s line and we don’t plan them in future,” said Basurin.

Text and pictures by GAZETA.RU