Canada imposes sanctions against Russia and Ukraine


Canada imposes new economic sanctions against entities and persons of Russia and Ukraine.

“Canada continues reacting to the situation in Ukraine, imposing new sanctions by agreement with our partners from the USA and the EU,” informs Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of the state.

As for Russian black list members, they are Rosneft Company, a social movement Novorossiya and 11 citizens. Among others are Anatoly Antonov (Deputy Minister of Defense), Sergey Chemezov (CEO of Rostec Corporation), Andrey Kartapolov (Head of Main Operations Directorate and Deputy Head of Joint Staff of the Russian Armed Forces), a journalist Dmitry Kiselyov, Iosif Kobzon (a singer and a State Duma’s deputy), Valery Kulikov (Black Sea Fleet Deputy Commander), Alexey Naumets (the Russian Armed Forces Major General), a Rear admiral Commanding Alexandr Nosatov, a State Duma’s deputy Valery Rashkin, Igor Turchenyuk (Lieutenant General of the Russian Armed Forces), Alexandr Zaldostanov (the leader of the bikers band “Nochnye Volki”/”Night Wolves”).

The black list also includes 25 DPR’s and LPR’s representatives and 15 social movements and militia men’s squadrons, in particular Vladislav Deynego (a LPR’s representative), Eduard Basurin (Deputy Head of DPR Ministry of Defense Department), Larisa Ayrapetyan (LPR’s Minister of Health), Lesya Lapteva (LPR’s Minister of Education), Sergey Kozyakov (Head of LPR’s Central Electoral Commission), Igor Kostyonok (DPR’s Minister of Education), Arseny Pavlov, nicknamed Motorola (Chief of Sparta Squadron), Mikhail Tolstykh, nicknamed Givi (Chief of Somali Squadron) and other self-proclaimed republics’ representatives.

Besides, Dmitry Neklyudov, the Crimea Deputy Minister of the Interior turned out to be a member of Canada’s black list.

Among Ukrainian legal entities are such social movements and squadrons as Donetsk People’s Republic, Mir Luganshchine (Peace for Lugansk Land), Prizrak (Ghost), Sparta, etc. Let us remind that the EU enlarged its black list on 16 February.

Text and pictures by TASS