Bryansk frontiersmen dig a ditch at Russian-Ukrainian border


Bryansk Border Guard Service of Russia is looking for a contractor to create a 50 km antivehicle ditch at the Ukraine border. The Russian frontiersmen said that such ditches had been constructed by Ukrainian volunteers earlier.

The news about looking for a contractor was announced on the site of state purchases. “The estimated salary for a contractor is about $153,000. This antivehicle ditch is aimed at preventing any vehicles moving. The ditch is 1.5 m deep and 1.5 m wide,” says the project report. The ditch length is 50 km (the whole Russian-Ukrainian border in Bryansk is 354 km).

The constructions are planned in the districts of Klimovskiy, Starodubskyi, Pogarskyi, Suzemskyi and Sevskyi. In September the frontiersmen of Bryansk informed of similar constructions in Ukraine. According to Bryansk Border Guard Service, Ukrainian military men reinforced the border ditches that had been constructed some years ago. The very construction started in 2005.

The “official” ditches were constructed to fight against contraband traffic. They were dug on old country roads where it was difficult to keep guard.

In September the state Russian mass media reported that the Ukrainian construction was connected with the “Stena” (“Wall”) project. According to that project, the Ukrainian-Russian border has to be reinforced by drag roads, ditches and electrooptical surveillance systems.

A Bryansk Border Guard Service representative states that the Russian construction is not connected with the Ukrainian affairs.

Text and pictures by RBC