Boris Nemtsov killed by unprofessionals


The opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was most likely murdered by unprofessional killers. "Kommersant" writes this citing the sources in law-enforcement agencies. The perpetrators of the assassination couldn`t have known who their goal was, notes the newspaper.

The sources made such conclusions basing on the method of killing, weapons and ammunition features. In particular, the killers used 9 mm cartridges manufactured by different enterprises at different times. According to "Kommersant", four cartridges of six fired were produced at the Yuryuzansky Mechanical Plant (Chelyabinsk region) in 1986. Another two cartridges were produced at the Tula Cartridge Works in 1992.

This allowed the experts to conclude that the criminals had a limited access to ammunition and, as one of the sources of the newspaper said, the killers seemed to “feel all their pockets” to find ammunition. They used a Makarov or a gas pistol “Izh” turned into a military pistol, notes the newspaper.

The criminals left alive the Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya who accompanied Nemtsov. She could not assist the investigation, said "Kommersant", the shocked girl could not even name the model of the car that the killers drove. There`re no records of some surveillance cameras in the area where the murder took place, as they were turned off for repairs, the newspaper said.

All the available records are indistinct.

It became known earlier, the group running the case of Nemtsov`s assassination is headed by the investigator Krasnov, who investigated the case of the assassination of Markelov and the attempted assassination of Chubays. It was said by Vadim Prokhorov, Anna Duritskaya`s lawyer.

Boris Nemtsov was shot about 23:30 on February 27, when he and Duritskaya were walking along Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. The investigation considers several motives for the murder, among which are both political and personal ones.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU