Belarus ranked between Kenya and Nigeria in Open Government Index


Belarus is 78th out of 102 countries in the Open Government Index 2015, prepared by the international NGO World Justice Project.

The countries are scored on the basis of the following dimensions:

-publicized laws and government data;

-right to information;

- civil participation (people's participation in decision-making process, as well as public control mechanisms);

- mechanisms of complaints about public officials or services.

For each of the dimensions, scores are ranged from 0 (minimum) to 1 (maximum).

Belarus was ranged 78th based on the composite index of 0.46 (between Nigeria and Kenya). Belarus got the best result in the category "complaint mechanisms" - 52 (0.55), the worst result is in the category of "civil participation" (93 with the score of 0.36).

The Belarus` geographical neighbors, which were assessed by the authors of the rating, are ranged in the following way: Russia - 67, Ukraine - 43, Poland - 20.

The leaders of the Open Government Index are Sweden, New Zealand and Norway with the scores of 0.81. The top ten also includes Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, UK, Australia, South Korea and the United States. Myanmar, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe are at the bottom of the rating with the score of 0.32 points.

The Open Government Index was developed in 2014 to assess the countries in terms of the universal principles of the government`s openness and public awareness of their activities. The researchers obtain data from the expert community and opinion polls.

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