Astana and Budapest to deepen cooperation in various fields


Kazakhstan and Hungary intend to deepen cooperation in oil and nuclear sectors, as well as in the field of education and culture, said the Heads of Government of the two countries.

On Wednesday Kazakhstani and Hungarian Prime Ministers Karim Massimov and Viktor Orban held talks in Astana.

“Kazakhstan is one of the fastest developing countries in the world (...) we believe that it is expedient to encourage cooperation with Kazakhstan. During our talks we have identified Hungarian representatives in Kazakhstan – oil industry companies,” Orban told reporters after the talks.

“We have agreed on nuclear cooperation and engineering services provision,” the Prime Minister of Hungary added.

“We have accepted the invitation to the economic forum which will be held in May, and we will certainly be present at the EXPO-2017.”

In turn, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan said that today’s talks “go beyond a usual foreign policy dialogue.”

“There is much common ground that will help our countries: Hungary is in Europe and it’s a member of the EU, Kazakhstan is in Asia and it’s a member of the EAEC and a China’s neighbor. It can help our countries in organizing strategic partnership and cooperation,” said Massimov.

In addition, according to the Hungarian PM’s data, due to the cooperation expansion in the field of education, the number of students from Kazakhstan to Hungary has increased to 200 people.

After the meeting, the Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan and Hungary signed a memorandum on the establishment of the Kazakhstani-Hungarian strategic union.

Moreover, in their presence, representatives of the corresponding Ministries signed the following documents: an agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal cases, a preliminary agreement on establishing a joint fund for financing agricultural products and a memorandum on mutual understanding of educational cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of National Economy of Hungary.

Text by IA Novosti-Kazakhstan

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