"Antimaidan" rally in Moscow


People who gathered in the center of the capital condemned last year's events on the Maidan in Kyiv and promised to prevent the same in Russia.

A march and a rally organized by the "Antimaidan" movement passed in the center of Moscow.

The march started about 13 p.m. from Petrovka Street and then approached the State Historical Museum where a scene was built. The rally began at 13:40 and lasted about 50 minutes. The main slogan of the event was "Maidan anniversary. Don`t forget, don`t forgive!" According to the organizers, the rally was meant to coincide with "the anniversary of the coup in Ukraine".

The representatives of the movement "Mothers of Odessa" addressed the protesters to tell them about the events in the Ukrainian city last May. Moreover, a student from the Crimea took the stage to thank the citizens of Russia for their support to Crimeans last year. Vika Tsyganova and Julia Chicherin also performed their songs to the protesters.

All the speakers strongly condemned the events on the Maidan in Kiev and called to prevent the same events in Russia.

According to the estimates of the Moscow police, the event was attended by about 35 000 people.

In relation to the the rally traffic on Strastnoy Boulevard, Petrovka Street and Revolution Square was prohibited.

The "Antimaidan" movement was founded at the beginning of the year. According to the supporters their main objective is to prevent the repetition of the Ukrainian events in Russia.

Text and pictures by TASS