Witness of Nemtsov murder to be called to Moscow for identification procedure


The identification procedure within the case of Nemtsov murder can be carried out in Ukraine

If Anna Duritskaya refuses to come to Russia, the procedure can be carried out in Kiev

Investigators intend to call one of the main witnesses of Boris Nemtsov murder - the citizen of Ukraine Anna Duritskaya - to Moscow, the newspaper "Izvestiya" reports.

"Duritskaya met Nemtsov 3 years ago, she has often accompanied him in recent times, so she can recall the killer or the people who appeared by him, even occasionally, for example, in the café or near the entrance of the house. That's why we planned to carry out the procedure of the lineup identification with her: we will show all the arrested ones, she might remember or identify someone," a source in law enforcement told the newspaper.

The identification can take place in Kiev, this is yet to be decided, the newspaper reports. As it was explained by the lawyer Alexey Mikhalchik, if Duritskaya refuses to go to Moscow, the Russian investigators can turn to the Ukrainian colleagues via Prosecutor General's Office. "In this case, interrogation or lineup identification can be carried out by the local investigator. The Russian investigators may also be present," said Mikhalchik.

The defense lawyers said that their clients weren`t afraid of meeting with Duritskaya. "Zaur Dadayev is ready to appear before Duritskaya and is not afraid of the identification procedure, because he has nothing to do with the murder of Nemtsov," noted the lawyer Ivan Gerasimov.

He thinks that the lineup should be carried out in her physical presence in Moscow. According to Gerasimov, if the investigators use photos, it can lead to mistakes and become the ground for challenging the results of the examination. Shadid Gubashev`s lawyer Ilya Trofimov also noted that his client wasn`t involved in the murder and wasn`t afraid of the identification procedure.

After Nemtsov murder, Duritskaya returned to Ukraine, accompanied by her lawyer, having promised to cooperate in investigating the crime. On March 5, she reported to the local police that she started receiving threats. Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin instructed to take Duritskaya under increased protection.

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