VTSIOM: More than 90% of Russians believe they have sense of humor


The vast majority of Russians (92%), in their own words, aren’t deprived of a sense of humor. It is proved by a survey published on Wednesday by Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM). It’s interesting that the overall number of the respective answers has remained almost unchanged since 1998 (94%).

Thus, 29% believe they have a wicked sense of humor. Every second (50%) believes that he/she is able to make and understand jokes, and 13% say they have a sense of humor, but not an excellent one. Only 5% of Russian citizens call themselves humorless.

The three-quarters of the respondents (79%) like laughing at comedy programs; 8% watch them every day, 31% - several times a week, 29% - two or three times a month, 11% - at least a couple times a year. 79% of the respondents spend some time watching comedies. Modern comedy series are less popular than comedy films, but they are watched by the majority - 60%.

Other sources of jokes, parodies and different humorous products are used by less than half Russians. For example, radio stations and programs dedicated to humor are listened with varying frequency by 41% of the respondents. 39% have a brief look at joke books and humorous stories, 37% surf humorous websites and blogs.

In the majority of Russians’ viewpoint, it’s a taboo to make fun of such topics as war and war casualties (63%), genocide, epidemics and terrorist acts (58%). It’s also inappropriate to laugh at religious values (57% think so), family tragedies (61%), appearances and diseases (56%).

Almost half the respondents (44%) consider one should not use humor in connection with national differences. Every third Russian (37%) thinks it’s awful to make a joke of the history of Russia.

It has been found out that it’s dirtily to joke about other people’s dreams (28% of Russians say it), names and surnames (27%).

25% consider one mustn’t laugh at politics, government and president. 22% think economic and social problems are not reasons for mocking. Finally, in 25% of the respondents’ opinion, it’s incorrect to joke about all the topics mentioned above.

The VTSIOM opinion poll, held on 21-22 March, involved 1,600 people in 46 Russian territorial entities. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.

Text and pictures by TASS