Victims demanded not to find student who opened fire insane


The victims require imprisonment for the teenager who opened fire at Moscow school №263 and killed a teacher and a police officer.

"According to the injured party, the defendant can`t be subjected to coercive medical measures and should be sentenced to imprisonment", - said Igor Trunov, the victims` lawyer in his speech which was posted on his website on Tuesday.

According to the lawyer, the forensic comprehensive expert psychological and psychiatric examination, which was carried out during the preliminary investigation, "can`t be admissible as evidence and should be excluded from the evidence in the criminal case", since according to the injured party, the experts weren`t aware of their rights and responsibilities, as well as of the possible criminal liability for giving false testimony.

According to the lawyer, the charge of hostage-taking and murder, as well as of the infringement on lives of law enforcement officers "were totally confirmed in the course of the judicial investigation".

"I call the court to take into account the severity of the committed crime, the deliberate and cynical nature of the defendant`s actions, I also note that he committed the crime being under age and ask you to impose a penalty adequate to the severity of the crime", - says the text of the speech.

The lawyer reminded that during the trial the victims filed civil lawsuits against the parents of the defendant.

On September 8 the Court of the Butyrsky District began proceedings on this criminal case. The hearings take place in camera. At the first hearing the prosecutor read out a motion to send the defendant for compulsory medical treatment, as previously the forensic examination found him insane.

According to the lawyer of the defendant Vladimir Levin, his client has admitted his partial guilt, but does not agree with the charges - the defense lawyer hasn`t specified the exact ones.

Earlier Levin said that the examination had found the teenager mentally handicaped. "Now the court must make a decision. Must establish the crime and send my client to treatment", - added the lawyer.

On February 3, 2014 the 10-grade student armed with his father`s rifle, took hostages and opened fire at Moscow school N263. He killed the teacher of geography and the police officer was wounded.

Criminal charges were filed against the student under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: 206 (hostage-taking), 105 (murder) and 317 (infringement on lives of law enforcement officers) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.