Twitter enters into dialogue with Roscomnadzor


Twitter administration has affirmed its readiness to negotiate with Roscomnadzor, said the spokesman for the Russian Agency Vadim Ampelonsky on Tuesday.

According to him, the company has particularly agreed to study the issue of identifying the daily traffic of popular Russian accounts through technical expertise. "The administration of the company has promised to give a more detailed and comprehensive response later," clarified Ampelonsky.

On February 13 Roscomnadzor submitted a formal request to the administration of Twitter asking to clarify the position of the social network on its failure to comply with the Russian legislation, including laws on countering extremism.

Earlier the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that Twitter is constantly failing to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The head of the Agency provided the data from the official report of the company, according to which last year the social network granted nearly 3000 requests of the US government to disclosure personal information of users.

"The administration of the social network granted none of 108 requests to disclose the information on traffic of the accounts of popular users submitted by Roscomnadzor. Naturally, we challenge such a position of the company that operates in the territory of the Russian Federation," said Zharov.