Supreme Court of Russia forbids wearing hijabs in schools


The Supreme Court of Russia legitimated the school uniforms requirements, made by the government of the Republic of Mordovia. The regulation forbids wearing religious clothes (hijabs included) in education establishments.

Thus, the decision of the Supreme Court of Mordovia came into force. The representatives of the Muslim community wanted the regulation to be illegitimate, because from their point of view, it infringes right to religion. Moreover, they say this regulation contradicts the educational law, where it’s indicated that education is free for all.

One Muslim representative informed that “in schools in the city of Saransk little girls are put off kerchiefs by force, they are expelled from lineups and against the children and their parents there are taken disciplinary actions”.

She also admitted that in Tatarstan and Chechnya kerchiefs were permitted and sometimes were compulsive and only in Mordovia they were forbidden. “And we are not speaking about hijabs, girls wear just thin kerchiefs”.

A Mordovia government representative, in her turn, asked to dismiss the complaint.

Last autumn the Court of Mordovia legitimated the school uniforms requirements, forbidding wearing hijabs.

Earlier the Head of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Mordovia Fagim Shafiev requested the procuratorship to give a legal treatment to the regulation on school uniforms that forbids wearing religious clothes. He did it due to children’s parents’ preoccupations about the new law.

Shafiev stated that about 50,000 Tatarian Muslims living in Mordovia were among the most numerous peoples of the Republic along with Russians and Mordovians. According to him, many Muslim girls wear kerchiefs in schools, and earlier complaints were quite rare.

The procuratorship of Mordovia legitimated the regulation. Now it’s forbidden to wear not only hijabs but also mini-skirts, jeans, low dresses and piercing. Girls are not permitted to dye hair using bright colors and it’s forbidden to demonstrate religious staff.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU