Store and kiosk windows without cigarettes from July 1


From July 1, 2015 it will be prohibited to display tobacco products (their samples) in the windows and other in-store equipment. This was announced today by Deputy Minister of Trade Irina Narkevitch at the press conference dedicated to the World Consumer Rights Day which will be celebrated in Belarus on March 15.

"Retail and public catering facilities will display information on tobacco products as a list of product names and prices. That is, we care about the health of our nation not curtailing the rights of smokers - if he or she has decided to smoke, then he or she has the right to do this," noted Irina Narkevitch.

In addition, according to her, it will be banned to produce and sell smokeless tobacco and non-tobacco products intended for sucking. Moreover, the production and sale of goods resembling tobacco products or containing their names in their product names will also be banned.

According to the Belarusian law "On Advertising", advertising of tobacco products is completely banned, places where you can advertise alcohol and low-alcohol beverages and beer are restricted, as well as there are certain limitations applied to the content of the permitted advertising of such products.

Deputy Minister stated that the measures taken to combat tobacco and alcohol addiction have borne fruit. In 2014, the sale of tobacco products in Belarus decreased by 9.4% against the previous year, of alcohol - by 7%. At the same time, Belarusian consumers choose natural alcohol - for example, sales of grape wines increased by 3.4%, while sales of vodka, liqueurs and other alcohol fell by 10%.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY