State Duma rejected draft bill on death penalty for terrorism


The LDPR proposed a draft law on introducing liability for the terrorists` relatives

On Tuesday, the State Duma rejected the initiative to resume death penalty in Russia.

The member of the LDPR faction Roman Khudyakov came up with the proposal to adopt draft laws, that envisage, in particular, the death penalty for terrorism, as well as for encouraging to use drugs, which entails the loss of life of two or more persons.

The draft laws were considered in the first reading, but they weren`t approved by the majority of 226 voters.

Meanwhile, while presenting his legislative initiatives, Khudyakov said that counter-terrorism legislation must be strengthened. "Only strict measures, including capital punishment, can break the chain of bloody crimes," he said.

In addition, the Liberal Democrat drew attention to the part of the draft law providing for the introduction of liability for the terrorists` relatives. If they have been aware of the terrorist`s activities and have kept in touch with him for a year before the terrorist act is committed, if they have known about the preparation for a terrorist act and haven`t stopped it, then according to the draft law, new forms of punishment may be applicable to relatives - confiscation, the seizure of bank accounts, followed by funds withdrawal, as well as deprivation of the freedom to cross the borders of Russia.

The majority in the State Duma agreed on the position of the relevant committee, which believes that Khudiakov`s legislative initiatives contradict the current legislation

Moreover, joining the Council of Europe in 1996, Russia bound itself to abolish death penalty.

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