Senators to discuss initiative of carriages for pregnant women with head of Moscow Metro


Senator Vadim Tulpanov said he was planning to promote his initiative to introduce special carriages for mothers with children and pregnant women.

On Friday, Tulpanov said to "Interfax" that the following week the Federation Council would hold the "round table", which would be attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Transport, including those of the Moscow Metro.

He doesn`t exclude that his initiative will turn into a draft law.

Earlier, the Head of the Moscow Metro Dmitry Pegov explained that such an initiative couldn`t be put into action, because the metro "can`t be compared with long-distance trains", and it is impossible to isolate the "yellow zone" for such category of citizens.

"I am not satisfied with this answer. I do not agree with Mr. Pegov. We want him to come to the Federation Council, and I am ready to explain my point of view," said Tulpanov, adding that the representatives of women's and mother`s organizations would also take part in the "round table".

According to Tulpanov, the Metro is subject to the Ministry of Transport, and if the Ministry supports the initiative, the leadership of the Metro will have no choice but to obey the order from above.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU