Schools put in quarantine start using online education


From February 13 Russian schools put in quarantine start using online education to help pupils not to leg behind.

“Due to quarantine a number of schools turn to online education, because nowadays it’s a simple and available method of getting knowledge, which is more important for junior pupils,” informs the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

Lessons via Skype

According to headmasters pupils who have “forced holidays” are taught by Skype. They get their home tasks by e-mails and write them down in their online home-school books.

The Ministry highlights that the changes are not obligatory and each educational institution makes its own decision about the changes of the educational process.

Ready for online education

According to the Ministry’s data nearly 95% of all the educational institutions have an access to the Internet, thus having the possibility to provide distance teaching.

Online education is already used by schools in Moscow, vicinities of Moscow, in Kirovsk Oblast and Oryol Oblast.

1627 schools in 57 Russian districts are placed in quarantine. In particular in Lipetsk the authorities shut temporarily all the schools due to the influenza epidemic.

Text and pictures by TASS