Russian tourism: number of Russian tourists abroad in 2014 decreased by 4%


According to the materials of the Federal Tourism Agency, the number of Russian tourists who went abroad in 2014 decreased by 4% compared to 2013 and reached 17.6 million people.

As for countries Russian tourists visit, the most popular one is Turkey (according to the data of 2013-2014). In 2014 nearly 3.3 million Russians visited that country, which is 6.5% higher than last year. In general, the three countries-leaders visited by Russians in 2014 remained the same as in 2013: the second most visited place is Egypt, and the third one is Greece. Egypt restored its positions; the number of tourists from Russia in 2014 increased by 34.4% and reached 2.6 million people. At the same time the number of Russians who rested in Greece decreased by 13.6% and exceeded 1 million people.

Spain and Thailand are in the Top-5. Spain moved from sixth to fourth place, although the number of Russian tourists in that country decreased by 3% in 2014 and reached 982.3 thousand people. Thailand remained the fifth; the number of Russian tourists decreased by 10% there.

In the Top-10 are also Germany (820.1 thousand people), China (766.3 thousand), Italy (747.4 thousand), UAE (597.4 thousand) and Cyprus (549.2 thousand). Germany was ranked the sixth, although in 2013 it was the eighth (a decrease by 1.2%). The number of Russian tourists in Italy increased by 3%, UAE experienced a decrease by 8.6% and Cyprus – a decrease by 5.3%. China moved from fourth to seventh place, having a decrease by 28.1%.

Foreign tourists in Russia

The number of foreign tourists in Russia decreased by 3% in 2014 (compared with 2013) and reached 2.6 million people. In 2014 Russia was mostly visited by tourists from China (409.8 thousand), which is by 10% more than in 2013.

In the second place are tourists from Germany. 349.5 thousand Germans came to Russia (a decrease by 8%), and the third place goes to the US – 162.1 thousand tourists (a decrease by 17.8%). In 2013 Germany was ranked first and the United States third.

Turkey moved to fourth place. The number of Turkish tourists in Russia increased by almost 10% (134.7 thousand people) in 2014.

Tourists from the Great Britain are in the Top-5. Russia was visited by 134.3 thousand British, which is 15% lower than last year.

The Top-10 also includes Israel, Italy, France, South Korea and Finland.

Domestic tourism will grow by 30-50% in 2015

Earlier the Federal Tourism Agency reported that the number of Russians who rested within the country could rise by 30-50% by the end of 2015. According to the agency, in 2014 more than 40 million Russians had a rest within the country, which is 30% higher than last year.

The Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov many times called tour operators for re-orienting towards the domestic market considering the tourist flow decrease due to the devaluation of the ruble.

The Press Secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI) Irina Tyurina reminded that Russians had to pay two times more to go abroad to rest. In this regard many travel companies stated an increase in the demand for holidays in Russia, said Tyurina.

She also added that it would be desirable if the interest in the domestic tourism grows not only due to problems with travelling abroad, but also due to service improvement in Russian resorts and the emergence of new hotels, tourist attractions and entertainment centres.

The RUTI’s Press Secretary stressed that in the majority of regions Russian travel companies hadn’t raised the prices of their product in the last 3-5 years. It won’t be possible to maintain those low prices now. “Domestic tourism will become more expansive, the exact prices will be announced by Russian travel companies when they make calculations for their summer offers,” she concluded.

Text and pictures by TASS