Residents of Khakassia continue burning last year’s grass and rubbish


In a day, firefighters eliminated 18 such fires; the authorities decided to organize a clean-up event to remove the rubbish.

Residents of Khakassia, despite warnings and bans continue burning last year’s grass and rubbish.

Last weekend Khakassia landscape fires destroyed and damaged nearly 1.3 thousand houses in 38 localities. More than 900 people sought medical help; about 30 people died.

Five criminal cases were initiated (negligence leading to the death of two or more persons) concerning fires, deaths and mass destruction of houses.

On May 1 in the fire-affected areas of Khakassia will be held a series of clean-up events, reported on Thursday the government press service, citing region head Viktor Zimin.

The head of the region also asked the Cabinet of Ministers to provide targeted assistance to all residents of Khakassia, bereaved families and homeless people.

The emergency mode is also introduced in the Trans-Baikal region. In a day the total area of forest fires has increased almost twice - up to 104,000 hectares, informs the Regional State Forest Service. On the territory of the region 92 forest fires take place. More than two thousand people are involved in fighting the fires. According to the Thursday morning data, the total area of fires in Siberia is 107.3 thousand hectares.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU