Poll: Belarusians prefer Russia to European Union


If Belarusians had to choose between integration with Russia and accession to the European Union, more than half of the them would prefer the first option and only 26% - the second one. The Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS), which is registered in Vilnius, presented the results of the survey conducted in September.

In a hypothetical referendum on accession to the European Union, 27.5% would vote in favor, 51.9% - against (in June this year - 25,1% vs. 51%). In a referendum on unification of Belarus and Russia, 32.6% would vote in favor, 49.1% - against it (in June - 28,3% vs. 50,9%).

According to the poll, 28.1% of Belarusians treat the Western countries with respect and sympathy, 21.1% - with anxiety, 15.1% - with contempt or fear, 32.8% - without any feelings.

43,2% of respondents have a very good / rather good attitude to the United States, 42.2% - rather bad / very bad (in Russia, 21% vs. 68% respectively, according to Levada Center).

However, only 9.9% characterize the relations with the United States as friendly / good, 29.5% - as normal, and 55% - as cool / strained / hostile. Answering the question whether the United States pose any threat to Belarus, 32% said definitely / probably yes, and 60.4% - probably / definitely no (59% vs. 32% in Russia).

IISEPS also notes that the most pro-European candidate to be elected president this year is Tatyana Karatkevich, while Alexander Lukashenko is the most pro-Russian one.

As for the accession of the Kyrgyz Republic and Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in 2015, 55.3% said that it strengthened the Union, expanded the common market, increased the political weight of the Union; 32.6% believe that poor countries have joined the Union and the other members will have to help them.

Text by TUT.BY

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