Passenger airliner forced to land at Yekaterinburg airport after engine failure


The Air France passenger airliner with 290 people on board flying from Paris to Seoul landed successfully at the Yekaterinburg airport after one of its engines failed.

“Having only one engine working the plane managed to land in Yekaterinburg at 1.26 p.m.,” informs the airport emergency service.

The Ural transport investigation department explains that according to preliminary data the liner Boeing-777-300 of Air France had a problem during the flight: its left engine failed. No one of the 290 passengers and 18 crew members suffered.

At the moment the Ural transport investigation department of the Russian Investigation Committee tries to determine the cause of what happened to the liner.

During the flight the Boeing-777 crew announced its breakdown and the necessity of forced landing at the Yekaterinburg airport. All the airport services stayed high alert in case of any abnormal situation.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU