Most Kazakhstanis believe Kazakhstan creates equal conditions for all ethnic groups – poll


80% of the respondents of the opinion poll, held by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, believe that the country created equal conditions for all the ethnic groups, informs the Kazakhstani State Secretary Gulshara Abdykalikova.

“According to the sociological studies held by the Assembly Scientific and Expert Council with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, 95% of the respondents consider themselves a single nation, 94.2% consider themselves citizens of Kazakhstan, 73.3% are sure that Kazakhstan has strong relations of friendship and cooperation,” stated Abdykalikova at an enlarged meeting of the Assembly Council.

According to her, 80% believe that all the ethnic groups in the country are equal, 85.3% think the country is safe and stable.

“84.3% of the respondents note that socio-economic opportunities are equal and 82.7% believe that all the conditions for the development of traditions, languages, cultures, ethnic groups are provided,” added Abdykalikova.

“According to our sociological studies, the citizens have an absolute confidence towards the leader of the country, President Nursultan Nazarbayev; 98.6% know him as the Assembly Chairman. 97.8% entrust Nazarbayev with the protection of ethnic rights. Therefore, Council’s initiative (on the early presidential elections) was reasonable and logical,” concluded the State Secretary.

Text and pictures by IA Novosti-Kazakstan