Moscow subway turnstiles to examine tickets


According to, Moscow subway passengers will have to keep tickets until the end of the trip, as the turnstiles at the exit won’t let people go out of the subway without tickets’ re-reading.

As the chief of the passenger subway services Andrey Filatov reported, travel ticket’s re-applying to the turnstile won’t charge any money. As he states, this innovation will allow the subway management to obtain the data about where the passenger went to the subway, how many subway stops he took and where he left the subway. Later having these data they will be able to implement a loyalty program.

According to Filatov, they can’t say exactly when such turnstiles will be installed. The chief of the passenger subway services compared that system to ski-pass used at ski-lifts. It will be necessary to apply to the turnstile not only “Troika” cards, but also ordinary paper tickets. Thus, litter bins where passengers used to throw their expired tickets will disappear.

However, as Alexander Chekmarev (an analyst of the expert centre reminded, not all the subway stations in Moscow are equipped with turnstiles. According to him, at “Komsomolskaya” station such turnstiles would set up additional barriers and lead to long queues.

The Head of the Moscow City Duma Committee on Legislation Alexander Semennikov notes that these turnstiles won’t cause any problems if the subway administration arranges logistics. He also stressed such a double check would help to solve free-rider problems more effectively.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU