Moscow caught up with world’s largest subways by number of subway passengers


In 2014, the Moscow subway transported more than 2.5 billion passengers and its capacity level corresponds to subways of major world cities, stated Moscow subway Head Dmitry Pegov.

“Last year the Moscow subway transported 2 billion 490 million passengers, and by the passenger flow Moscow is at the level of the largest subways in the world, in particular, that of Shanghai. But in comparison with other subways of the world, the Moscow one has high-density traffic and the rush-time intervals do not exceed 90 seconds,” said Pegov at the enlarged meeting of the Federation Council Committee on regulations.

He also informed that, on average, the Moscow subway transports 8 million passengers a day. “On 29 December 2014, we set a record and transported 9 million 700 thousand passengers a day. The subway occupation rate at rush hour is 9.5 people per square meter; after rush hour it reduces to 4.4 persons per square meter,” reported Pegov.

He also said that in recent years the number of subway trains had increased and at rush hour trains are almost free.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU