Migration Center in New Moscow will work 24 hours


Employees of the center will work 24 / 7 and will serve about 3,500 foreign citizens a day, said the Head of the FMS Moscow branch Olga Kirillova.

She noted that at present the center is working on a temporary basis and is able to accept about 1.5 thousand documents a day which does not meet the needs of Moscow.

"Yesterday a meeting was held where it was decided to bring the center in around-the-clock operation to serve up to 3,500 foreign citizens a day," said Kirillova.

Earlier, the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan sent a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry asking to interfere with the activities of the new migration center in Sakharovo. The diplomatic agency reported that the center can`t" receive and serve migrant workers": consular officers found more than 3 thousand people in the center lining up and crowding. According to their data, people have to wait for 3-5 hours to get to the initial reception, so every day before the center opens about 1,500 people gather around it.

The center was opened in New Moscow near the village Sakharovo on December 1 last year; it received its first visitors on January 12, 2015. Here foreigners take the Russian language tests, pass exams on the history of Russia and the fundamental principles of the Russian legislation, pass the medical examination and file applications for a patent. Now the center issues about one thousand patents per day. According to the center, it can serve about 2000 people per day.

On February17 the Head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Konstantin Romodanovskiy said that the renovated migration center will start operating in the village of Sakharovo in the next six months.

 Text and pictures by RIA Novosti