Mi-2 helicopter crashed in Kamchatka


The crashed air vehicle belonged to a sports club; there were two people on board

A Mi-2 helicopter has been found crashed in Kamchatka, it is supposed that several people have died in the crash.

"The wreckage of the Mi-2 helicopter was found by a helicopter flying past the area. The crashed air vehicle allegedly belongs to a sports club, there could be a few people on board, who are likely to be dead," the source from the local emergency services said to "Interfax".

Later, the Kamchatka territorial emergency situation department confirmed the information on the crashed Mi-2 helicopter discovered in the Paratunka valley in Elizovsky area.

"Three members of the Mi-8 crew belonging to the air company "Vityaz-Aero", who found the crashed helicopter, are now assisting the people on board. But it is still unknown how many people were there. And there is still no information on the number of the dead and the injured," said the representative of EMERCOM of Kamchatka to the agency "Interfax".

According to him, there were possibly no passengers on board the crashed Mi-2, only the crew "running in" the helicopter.

A helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with the rescuers on board is to arrive at the scene of the crash," said the representative of the agency.

According to the recent information, there were two people on board the helicopter, and both of them died.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU