"Logvinov" publishing house obtained license to sell books


The Belarusian publishing house "Logvinov" got licensed to distribute print publications. The Ministry of Information sent a letter to the publishing house in this connection.

The letter signed by Deputy Minister of Information I. V. Lutsky states that the permit is registered in the State Register as №3 / 879 of March 16, 2015.

Earlier, the publishing house had to operate without a license. "The license to sell books is issued by the Ministry of Information. It operates by the declarative principle – it`s necessary to pay a fee and to submit information. We`ve applied about eight times for this year, but they refuse our application for some silly reasons all the time," said Igor Logvinov to TUT. BY.

Let`s remind that last December the Ministry of Information initiated a tax inspection of the publishing house.

As a result, the Economic Court of Minsk decided that "Logvinov" should pay a fine of 30 basic units (5.4 mln. rubles) for illegal business activities, as well as the proceeds received by the legal entity in January-December 2014 (more than 960 mln rubles) should be confiscated . Logvinov appealed against the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk, but the Supreme Court dismissed the claim.

The amount of the fine was overwhelming for the bookstore - it actually equaled the annual turnover of the company. Soon after that, a public campaign was launched to raise funds for paying the fine. About a thousand people from Belarus and other countries donated money to "Logvinov". In addition, in order to support the publishing house, many Belarusian artists put their works on the internet auction auction.savelohvinau.club, launched by the creative community of Belarus and Poland. The funds obtained from selling the works were transferred directly to the charity account of the enterprise. In addition, some Belarusian writers held meetings with their readers to raise funds in support of the "Logvinov" publishing house. Many workers of culture, journalists and civil society didn`t remain indifferent.

Thus, the necessary sum of money was raised for Igor Logvinov to pay the fine.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY