LEGO called best toy of all times


ToyNews called the famous LEGO the best toy ever.

The Daily Express: on the basis of the opinion poll of toys manufacturers and professionals who work in the sphere ToyNews created a toys ranking. LEGO is the first in the list, leaving behind Monopoly (ranked the 2nd) and Action man (ranked the 3rd).

In the Top 10 there are Subbuteo, Scalextric sports games, Rubik’s cube, The Star Wars toys, Barbie dolls, and cards. It’s surprising very popular Dungeon and Dragons, Cluedo are not even in the Top 50. LEGO always takes the lead in various public rankings, but it’s the first time it’s called the best toy ever by professionals.

LEGO Group made its first construction kit in 1949. With the course of time the company has been expending its activities and nowadays there are some full-length cartoons and computer games the characters of which are constructed by LEGO. Moreover, there exist some amusement parks named “Legoland”.

Text and pictures by RBC