Israel Charny suggests creating international organization of nations that suffered genocide headed by Armenia


Director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide, one of the world's leading experts in the Crime of Genocide, Professor Israel Charny, speaking at the Global Forum "Against the Crime of Genocide", suggested creating an international organization of the nations that suffered genocide and the countries unindifferent to this crime, headed by Armenia.

"I propose to call the organization "The union of countries, acting in the name of the right to life". This organization will deal a powerful blow to the policy of denial. Its main objective will be to prevent genocide. It`s time we, experts in genocide, engaged in the prevention of crimes against humanity," said Charny.

Speaking about the Armenian Genocide under the Ottoman Empire, the professor stated it hadn`t started in1915, but in 1895, when Sultan Abdul Hamid ordered the massacres.

"This indicates the fallacy of Ankara's position that in 1915, during the war, the Ottoman authorities were just trying to eliminate the threat represented by the Armenians," he underlined.

Charny reminded the calls for jihad against Armenians of those days, stressing that, actually, those were the same calls that the "Islamic State" is currently using.

The Global Forum "Against the Crime of Genocide" started in Yerevan on Wednesday as part of the events dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. 600 delegates from different countries take part in this two-day forum.

The Armenian Genocide of 1915 was the first genocide of the twentieth century. Historically, Turkey denies the accusations in the mass extermination of about one and a half million Armenians during the First World War and take the Western criticism quite hard.

The Armenian Genocide is recognized by many countries, including Uruguay, Russia, France, Lithuania, the lower house of the Parliament of Italy, the majority of the US states, as well as the Parliaments of Chile, Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Belgium and Wales, the National Council of Switzerland, the House of Commons of Canada, the Polish Sejm.


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