In Omsk region 4 out of 29 red lynxes killed


The Omsk police detained the car with four dead lynxes that are listed in the region’s Red Book. That information was given to TASS by the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of the Interior.

“Within the framework of the specific preventive operation “Trassa” (“The route”) the police stopped a car Nissan Sunny that was driven by a 21-year-old man. While talking to the driver the policemen noticed a bulky load in the vehicle interior. The load was hidden under the veil,” reported the press service.

First, the detainee claimed that he carried “pork presented by relatives.” However, the police examined the car and found four lynx carcasses. Then the driver told quite another story, explaining that he had bought the animals from an unknown man.

According to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Omsk region Alexander Vinokurov, game wardens were the first to report the information about poaching to the police. Last year’s accounting of wild animals showed there were only 29 lynxes in the region. “Most likely the poacher traced and killed the whole family. Now the poaching damage is being estimated. Killing of lynx males is fined 100,000 rubles ($1,600), killing of females – 140,000 ($2,200). Moreover, the violators are to be held liable for a grave crime and confiscated the means they had used to hunt the lynxes,” Vinokurov said.

The lynx is the most northern cat. In Russia it is found in dense coniferous forests; up to 90% of the population lives in Siberia. The colour of spotty lynxes varies from reddish to bluish.

Text by TASS

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