Four young people to make world trip for peace in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia


Four travelers from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine plan to visit about thirty countries, overcome 50,000 kilometers and experience a lot of adventures. In such an unusual way the young people want to express their viewpoint on sanctions, crises and conflicts in different countries.

No budget, big plans

Two young Belarusian entrepreneurs Pavel Andreyevsky and Vladimir Yankovich are the creators of the idea that is aimed at raising public awareness. The guys published their travel plan in the social network, and invited representatives from Ukraine and Russia to join the project. In two days the post spread across the network. Participants received hundreds of personal messages from strangers who supported the idea and the trip purpose, and about 40 people expressed the wish to join the team. The Belarusians were looking for people with experience in low-budget travelling. After several Skype interviews with candidates the team became fully staffed.

“The world media are talking about sanctions, crises and conflicts between Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. But while politics argue we have to stand together. We’ve decided to act. To become a real team we’ll have to cross all meridians of the earth and visit more than 30 countries, understand what we can do and, finally, come back home in a year,” Vladimir Yankovich explains the project mission.

“Communicating with potential partners, we did not expect well-known international organization to be so willing to support our initiative. Just in one week the United Nations Development Programme, the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, the Minsk Rotary Club and the TUT.BY portal joined our project. First of all, such companies help with contacts and information in different parts of the world. We believe that in the near future other major partners from Ukraine and Russia will join us,” Pavel Andreyevsky explained the preparation process.

The trip starts on April 2 at the monument “Druzhba” (“Friendship”) that is situated at the border of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The participant from Russia Yuliana Goncharenko emphasizes that the team starts travelling with no budget. “The main means of transportation is hitchhiking, as for housing, we’ll use CouchSurfing. I have the experience in such trips; last summer I travelled around Europe in such a way. But a world trip is definitely a more serious challenge. Each of us has solid experience in travelling around the world and we have a lot of friends in different countries.”

The team plans to make money during the trip. The Ukrainian Marina Serik adores singing and she hopes to use her talent while travelling. “Vova and Pasha are good at business; I think they’ll find people who need their advice. Yuliana cooks perfectly; we’ll treat new acquaintances with dishes of our national cuisines in exchange for their help. We also expect our countrymen’s help. Recently we have started receiving help at the social platform “MaeSens”. The money we get will be spent on equipment and visas.” During the trip the young people are going to participate in organized meetings with representatives of business communities of other countries, visit international organizations’ offices, communicate with the media, social initiative representatives and civic activists around the world, interview about 50 residents of different countries asking the question “How do you see the situation in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine?” It’s planned to keep detailed reports on the trip process and meetings.

According to the team’s calculations, the expedition will take 350 days; it will finish in April 2016. During this time, the participants intend to visit the following countries: Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Belarus. The site “a trip that makes sense” has already received some proposals from people who want to host travelers and help them on the way. More information about the project one can find in the project diary in the social network.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY