Expert: Armenian-Russian joint educational programs are promising enough


Armenian-Russian joint educational programs are promising enough, told Radio “Sputnik-Armenia” Head of the Institute of social processes management, Director for Development Cooperation with CIS countries and Baltic States, Director for Cooperation with CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe Tatiana Chetvernina.

According to her, Russia has recently formed a unique educational project that has a positive effect on the higher education system.

“The project was created for the best Russian institutions that already had a task to be in the Top-100 of the world leading universities. The goal is long-term, the project is designed until 2020, and in 2020 five universities have to achieve this goal. Our university is also part of this program. We have always strived to grow rapidly, develop and achieve great results in the field of education,” said Chetvernina.

According to her, this project gave an incentive for further work, in particular with potential applicants from Russia and foreign countries, as well as from Armenia.

“We have worked with pleasure and for a long time with Armenian schools,” admitted Chetvernina.

The expert noted that, despite the fact that Armenia is not a high-income country, yet it is close to Russia, and it is a country with great human potential.

“For five years we have been finding at random good Armenian schools. During the study period we conduct a series of intellectual games for children from these schools. These games are aimed at children from best physical and mathematical schools,” explained the expert. According to Chetvernina, it will help children to choose their future profession.

Moreover, she adds that two or three times a year school Olympiads take place in Armenia; its winners can spend 12 days in the educational camp for free, and those who have not reached the desired results travel at their own expense. “In the camp work teachers from Armenia and Russia, which is good for non-Russian speaking pupils,” highlighted Chetvernina.

This program, she said, helps to get good Armenian applicants, who will have the

opportunity to study at the institute for free.

According to Chetvernina, the guys who want to enter Russian universities free of charge should participate in Olympiads, but opportunities for those who enter on a pay basis are wider.


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