Evidence given by Zaur Dadaeva accused of Nemtsov murder to be tested linguistically


The confession of Dadaev accused of Nemtsov murder will be tested linguistically

The lawyer believes that due to his education, Dadaev couldn`t use the phrases included in the record of interrogation

The defense lawyer of Zaur Dadaev, the main accused of the murder of the opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, intends to prove that his client didn`t make that confession by carrying out linguistic expertise and other tests, newspaper "Kommersant" reports.

According to the lawyer Shamsudin Tsakaev, having analyzed his client`s evidence published in the media, he doubted their reliability. According to the newspaper, the lawyer believes that confessing his involvement in the crime, Dadaev, who had no higher education, couldn`t use such expressions as "the place and time were perfect for the murder" and "the news caused a massive public outcry."

In addition, according to Tsakaev, his assumption that Zaur Dadaev wasn`t the author of his confession, is confirmed by other evidence. Earlier, the lawyer stated that he would apply for lie-detector testing.

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