CNN applied to Roscomnadzor for broadcasting in Russia


CNN has filed documents to Roscomnadzor to obtain a general license for the TV channel to broadcast on the territory of the Russian Federation, said the spokesman of the agency Vadim Ampelonsky on Tuesday.

"We have received an application for a general license to broadcast in Russian from the television channel CNN International," said Ampelonsky.

"Juridically, we have thirty days to process the application, however, it is likely the agency won`t need such a long time to make a decision. The documents will be examined, they will pass the necessary procedures after which we will come to a decision," said the representative of the agency.

According to him, "along with the applying the TV channel is planning to get a certificate of media outlet registration again".

What was the situation with CNN in Russia

Last November the European division of the Time Warner group sent a notice to terminate broadcasting of CNN on the territory of the country since 2015. The CNN office opened in Russia in 1983, the broadcasting began in the early 90s and recently the channel has been broadcasting via satellite and cable networks only.

CNN didn`t obtain a license to broadcast in the Russian Federation but faced no claims of the authorities on this issue. Roskomnadzor said that it had nothing to do with the decision of CNN to stop broadcasting in Russia.

The head of the agency Alexander Zharov also told "Interfax" that Roscomnadzor is ready to discuss the issue of termination of the broadcasting on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to him, "in the Russian Federation there is no legislation that would prevent CNN from getting a general license”.

"They (CNN) made that decision themselves, no one contacted us, but we are open to further dialogue," said Zharov.

New agreements

On January, 27 Roskomnadzor and CNN had a meeting where they expressed their mutual interest to renew broadcasting of the channel in Russia.

"The parties expressed their mutual interest to renew broadcasting of CNN International in Russia and discussed the legal grounds for that," says the report of Roskomnadzor.

During the meeting they also discussed the topical issues of licensing the broadcasting of other TV channels of "Turner Broadcasting” in Russia," says the report.

The meeting was attended by the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov and the representatives of the shareholders and top management of CNN, including Hannes Hayelmann, the senior vice president and the managing director of "Turner Broadcasting" company in Germany, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, the managing director of CNN Run Raad, the CEO of "Turner Information programs and lifestyle" Tatiana Kalita and the deputy head of Rosmonadzor Maxim Ksenzov.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU