Belarusian Minister of Education: we created mini-Bologna system


Belarusian students will be given an opportunity to migrate between universities. This statement was made by the Minister of Education of Belarus Mikhail Zhuravkov.

According to the Belarusian information agency BELTA the Minister said: “We have already created a kind of mini-Bologna system in Belarus. We bring together universities, especially profession-oriented ones to create a possibility for students’ migration. We want to give students an opportunity to migrate from one university to another and to listen to professors of the best universities of the country”.

Zhuravkov also hopes this year Belarus will be signed up to the Bologna Convention: “It will lead only to positive changes in the Belarusian system of higher education. Students will have more opportunities to study at leading universities in Europe, and these opportunities will encourage students’ in-depth study of their subjects and foreign languages,” the Minister said.

Mikhail Zhuravkov explained what was meant by the optimization of high school: “Now we deal with the optimization of the system of higher education in the regions and choose the best universities, along with its educational institutions, from schools to advanced training. Today we are speaking about the creation of clusters, such as teaching, engineering, and others. The optimization doesn’t mean reducing the number of universities, at least not in the nearest future. We will create a network system of universities organization, where the centre is a leading university of this profile and the periphery is other universities. It will help organize the levels of studies in an effective way. For example, master courses will be only at successful universities that have their own scientific schools and where there are corresponding material resources to provide educational services at the highest level,” said Mikhail Zhuravkov.

Text by TUT.BY

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