Belarus to punish vendors of state awards


Belarus will introduce administrative and criminal liability for trafficking state awards of the Republic of Belarus, those of the USSR and the BSSR. This was reported today by Chairman of the Standing Committee on Legislation and State Restructuring Liliya Moroz.

As explained by the senator, it is provided by amendments to some laws on the improvement of the system of state awards. The draft law was approved today by the Council of the Republic.

“The draft law introduces a ban on the sale and purchase of state awards not only of the Republic of Belarus but those of the USSR and BSSR. Administrative and criminal liability is incurred for the illegal sale and acquisition of these awards,” said the senator.

Liliya Moroz noted that Belarus is expanding the list of state awards. “Today we live in the Eurasian Union. We need to unify certain approaches to the merits of our citizens, so the new list introduces new state awards. Among them are “Order of Labor Glory”, medal “For Saving Life”, honorary titles “People’s Teacher” and “People’s Doctor”,” she specified.

Furthermore, the senator did not exclude that Belarus and Russia would unify benefits for labor veterans who got such status in both countries. “The Parliamentary Assembly is engaged in these issues. I think we will definitely unify all these approaches and benefits,” concluded Liliya Moroz.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY