Belarus and Russia to create united base of debtors restricted to travel abroad


United register of debtors of Russia and Belarus will be created in the near future. This means that the Russians who have restrictions to leave the country won`t be able to circumvent these measures fleeing to another country via the territory of Belarus.

It is planned that in future, Belarusian border guards will have a base of Russian debtors, which will help to avoid numerous violations made by the citizens of the neighboring country. The exact date when such lists are introduced is to be specified. The cooperation procedure hasn`t been defined yet, RIA "Novosti" reports.

The situation with controlling debtors who exit from Russia remains difficult. Sometimes the citizens, who have restricted permission to leave the country, cross the border with Belarus with Russian passports and buy a ticket abroad there. Since the Belarusian party has no instructions to detain debtors from the neighboring country, such citizens can fulfill what they intend to.

Due to the cooperation of the two countries, it will be easier to watch Belarusian debtors as well. A few days ago, the portal TUT.BY wrote about the agreement of the Union State, which will provide for the procedure of mutual execution of judicial decisions concerning alimony recovery. According to the website on safe migration "La Strada", from 2008 to 2013 only, about 4 million cases of alimony recovery were sent to Russia.

Now, to recover alimony for child support from the father who has gone to work in Russia, the mother should first file a lawsuit in Belarusian court, then decision on alimony recovery is sent to judicial bodies in Russia in the place of the defendant`s residence for the recognition procedure. Procedures for the enforcement of court judgments begin only after that. According to lawyers, such cases may take up to six months. After the agreement comes into force, executive documents will be directed to the enforcement bodies in the territory where the decision should be executed.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY