Armenian mountaineers to take part in Mount Elbrus mass ascent to mark 70th anniversary of Great Victory


Armenian mountaineers will take part in a mass ascent to the highest point in Europe - Mount Elbrus, to mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The ascent will be made by the strongest mountaineers of the Armenian Federation of Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism: Eduard Sargsyan, Shushanik Rubenyan, Artashes Mkrtchyan, Vardan Khachatryan and Narine Dzhagaryan.

The initiators of the climbing project “Victory. Memory. Peace” are the Mountaineering Federations of Russia and Belarus; it has already been supported by Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The ascent will be also attended by representatives of Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland. It is expected that the number of participants will reach 300 people, informs the press service of the Armenian Federation of Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism.

At the top of Mount Elbrus are installed a copy of the Victory Banner and the flags of the countries-participants.

“Elbrus is chosen not by chance: during the Great Patriotic War the mountain, like the rest of the Caucasus, was in the midst of fierce fights against the fascists,” admitted the press service.

The mass ascent “Victory. Memory. Peace” will be held within the framework of the annual festival of extreme sports Red Fox Elbrus Race. In 2013, Armenian mountaineers Levon Movsisyan and Vardan Khachatryan for the first time took part in the festival. In the ascent to the western top of Elbrus, Levon Movsisyan finished 7th (among 130 participants), reaching the top in 4 hours.


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