Wholesale gas prices for population to rise by 7,5% from July 1


Indexation of electricity and heat tariffs will be higher and will amount to 8.5%; earlier, the authorities announced that there would be no additional rise in housing and public utilities fee Wholesale "Gazprom" gas prices for population will increase by 7.5% from July 1. Such growth parameters are established in the draft order of the Federal Tariff Service, published on the portal regulation.gov.ru on Thursday.

The existing prices were approved on March 25, 2014.

Tariffs for 2015 were adjusted based on the inflation rate of 7.5% which was forecast by the Ministry of Economic Development for 2014. The actual inflation reached 11.4%, significantly exceeding the forecast of the Ministry for 2014, so the monopolies tariffs indexation planned for 2015 will be significantly lower than the inflation rate of the previous year. The authorities stated that they did not plan further increase.

In September, the government reviewed the growth of railway tariffs in 2015 considering 10%, not 7.5%. In addition, the principles of setting electricity tariffs were also reviewed. Now tariffs will be raised based on the formula "inflation + 1%" against the original formula which based on inflation indexation of the previous year.

Thus, electricity tariffs for the population will be adjusted by 8.5% from July 1 2015, by 6.5% from July 1 2016, by 5.5% from July 1 2017 (excluding the social consumption norm). Indexation of heat tariffs for 2015 will amount to 8.5% (adjusted from July 1), but in 2016 it will be lower than that of electricity tariffs and will amount to 5.5%, and in 2017 - 4.2%.

At the same time, tariff indexation of grid operators has remained unchanged and will be adjusted to the forecast inflation of the previous year: in 2015 - by 7.5%, in 2016 – by 5.5%, in 2017 – by 4.5% (also adjusted from 1 July).

Indexation rates of gas tariffs for industrial consumers and population are 7.5% in 2015, 5.5% in 2016 and in 2017 - 4.5% for population and 3.6% for industrial consumers (in 2017 it is planned to introduce a 0.8% reduction coefficient for industrial consumers, gas tariffs indexed from July 1).

Tariffs for freight and rail transportation, as well as for passenger transportation will be adjusted by 10% in 2015 (already indexed at the beginning of the year), by 5.5% in 2016 and by 4.5% in 2017 (adjusted from January 1). At the beginning of March, the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexey Ulyukayev said that the indexation of natural monopolies tariffs in 2016 was to be discussed, that there were two possible approaches – to adjust based on the forecast inflation of 5.5% or 12%.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU