Russia left top-10 business aviation directions in Europe


In February the number of flights fell by a third, WINGX Advance reports

In February, 2015 flights between Europe and Russia left top-10 business aviation directions, having decreased by one third against last February. This is stated in the overview of the European business aviation market made up by the German consultancy WINGX Advance.

"Russia is no longer in top-10 on the European market in terms of flight frequency, flights from Russia to Europe fell by 34% in February, states the overview. Eastern Europe is also affected, flight frequency here fell by 22%."

This February saw the lowest business flights frequency in Europe since 2010, and the total number of flights decreased by 20% against February 2008.

According to the overview, these data result from the crisis in Ukraine, which decreased flights between Ukraine and Russia by 1.4 thousand at an annualized rate. Germany has been indirectly "affected" as well: there were 750 fewer flights between Germany and Russia this February against February of the previous year.

Flights between Turkey and Europe fell by 11%; flights from the Middle East and North America to Europe decreased by 5%; flights from China reached their minimum – they had fallen by 50% by February 2014, says the overview.

In context of political instability

As previously reported, the negative trend has been observed since March 2014. In January and February 2014, VIP air carriages grew by 10.5% and 13.2% respectively against January and February 2013, whereas since the events connected with the Crimea`s accession to Russia, the traffic began to plummet.

According to analysts at WINGX Advance, the decrease in business aviation traffic was caused by political instability. The minimum was recorded in August, when the VIP air carriages between Russia and Europe fell by 16.9% against August 2013.

Text and pictures by TASS