Regions cut civil servants due to crisis


As reported by the media, 32 entities have already expressed their readiness to reduce staff, and another 52 entities will cut the costs of civil servants maintenance.

The majority of the Russian Federation entities expressed readiness to reduce their civil servants staff by 5-20% or to cut maintenance costs, reports "Kommersant".

The authorities of 32 entities have already expressed their intention to discharge civil servants. Most of the regional administrations plan to cut their staff by 5-10%. For example, 5% of civil servants will be reduced in Krasnodar Krai. Vice-Governor Ivan Peronko hopes that this will save about 150 million rubles of budgetary funds.

In Chuvashia "regular number of civil servants will be reduced by 10% or by 144 persons," said the Finance Minister of the region Svetlana Enilina to "Kommersant". Governor Nikolay Merkushin said that the number of civil servants can be "reduced without serious consequences by 20%".

52 regions aren`t planning to reduce civil servants but are intending to cut the maintenance cost. For example, in Rostov region they refuse indexation of the salaries of the government staff. Jewish autonomous region doesn`t plan to cut its civil servants as well. According to the Chief of the governor's office and government of the region Vladimir Mikhaylov, "the region has reached the limit to its economic opportunities".

The government of Ingushetia said that the region has developed a "sustainable resource management program". For example, when buying a vehicle preference is given to inexpensive cars. Yaroslavl region has suspended state purchases of new cars. The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko has instructed to reduce the number of cars for civil servants by 25%.

In the Crimea they said they have nobody to make redundant. Last year when forming the government of the peninsula the "minimum of positions and expenses" was established, said Deputy Minister and Head of the Council of Ministers Larisa Opanasyuk.

A source close to the Presidential Administration said that there have been no instructions to cut the staff given to the regions.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU