Putin noted positive effect of Kyrgyzstan’s entry to EEU


After the CSTO summit in Dushanbe, Putin met with Kyrgyz President Atambayev to exchange views on the Russian-Kyrgyz relations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is confident that the economies of Russia and Kyrgyzstan will develop rapidly in the context of the country's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, the Russian leader said at the meeting with his Kyrgyz counterpart Almazbek Atambayev after the CSTO summit in Dushanbe.

Putin said he was glad to discuss the bilateral relations and reminded that the Treaty of Kyrgyzstan’s accession to the EEU had entered into force. "I am confident that it will provide additional opportunities to combine our efforts in the development of our economies, and hence in the resolution of social issues," he said. Putin proposed to exchange views on the Russian-Kyrgyz relations.

"I am glad to discuss the bilateral relations, to resolve these issues," the President of Kyrgyzstan agreed. He expressed his confidence that the relations between the two countries "should have no problems, but only plans for a better tomorrow."

Text and pictures by RIA Novosti