Opel to leave Russian market


General Motors has decided to cease the production of Opel cars at St. Petersburg plant in mid-2015, says the report of the US automotive concern. The St. Petersburg plant will be mothballed, the contract assembly of the cars under this brand at "GAZ" plant in Nizhny Novgorod will also be terminated in 2015.

GM has also made up plans for selling Opel in Russia. "Opel will have left the Russian market by the end of December 2015," says the report.

In addition, this year the US automotive concern will terminate the contract assembly of Chevrolet cars at "GAZ" plant."

According to the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, the sales of all General Mortors car brands in Russia fell by 26.4% to 189,484 units in 2014, by 74.6% to 8362 units in January-February 2015.

The total sales of new cars in Russia decreased by 37.9% down to 128.298 thousand in February 2015 against 205.526 thousand cars in February 2014. The car market decline has accelerated: in January it amounted to 24.4%. In general, the sales of new cars fell by 32.1% down to 243.826 thousand within two months.

"The car market is entering the phase of a sharp slowdown now, and February is just the beginning of the slowdown. Everyone agrees that the next months will be very difficult and that the sales haven`t hit their bottom yet. Good macroeconomic news, such as the stabilization of the ruble, brings hope that the situation will improve in the long term. However, the market participants will have to be patient until that time," said Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee Joerg Schreiber.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU