Only Russian distributor networks may be permitted to buy alcohol via Internet


The Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation offers to permit buying alcohol via Internet in Russia. The offer was announced by Vladislav Spirin, the vice chairman of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation in the course of the Federal Antimonopoly Service expert board assembly.

The government may permit buying alcohol via Internet using bank cards. According to Spirin, the administration created a “road map” project that is planned to be presented in March.

Furthermore, it’s supposed that only Russian companies located in a federal city will be permitted to sell alcohol. “Only a distributor network that has a number of permanent shops and a wholesale license will be able to sell alcohol online. A stand or a foreign vendor can’t do the same,” Spirin.

Moreover, there will be set the authorized capital limit for such a vendor. The administration plans to register internet platforms and put the necessary data into the Unified State Automated Information System.

Vladislav Spirin also says there’s an offer to lower the light beer excise tax. Moreover, they are in two minds about the light beer degree: whether it’s 3 or 4.5. At the same time they plan to set 5.5% as the average beer degree. This degree contributes to beer manufacturers and corresponds to the strategy of alcohol consumption decrease. But this offer is not yet accorded with the governmental financial management, as it may lower the budget income.

Text and pictures by TASS