No trade war between Astana and Moscow - Kazakhstani Ministry of National Economy


There`s no trade war between Russia and Kazakhstan, the Deputy Minister of National Economy Kairbek Uskenbaev believes.

Last week, Kazakhstani retailers began to remove from sale the Russian candies, butter and meat because of their non-compliance with the requirements for food safety. Rospotrebnadzor (the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being) in its turn, intensified the search for various violations of its rules related to the melons, kefir and milk from Kazakhstan, accusing the Kazakhstani suppliers of importing the prohibited dried fruit from the United States to Russia.

"There is no any trade war. Russia is the most friendly and close country to Kazakhstan. Integration with Russia and Belarus is well under way. There are safety measures in the country, if some products don`t meet the criteria that ensure safety, no one will consume the food that doesn`t comply with them. It is not about Russia, but about some entrepreneur who produces low-quality products. And it is ridiculous to bring it to the level of the state policy," said Uskenbaev.

He noted that "there are countries friendly to Kazakhstan, and there are inappropriate actions of individual companies, that supply their products to us."

"It doesn`t matter whether this is a Kazakhstani, Russian, American or English company, there`s no difference. We don`t want to put up with the poor-quality products on our tables. Therefore, we don`t mean the whole Russia; we say that the companies "Ivanov" or "Myrzhakpayev" fail to comply with the norms, so we remove their products," added Uskenbaev.

Text and pictures by IA Novosti-Kazakhstan