More than 70% of Russians suffer from economic crisis


The share of Russians who believe that the country experiences economic crisis has risen to 71% against 62% in January, reports the "Public Opinion" fund. The survey was conducted on February 14-15 among 1,500 residents from 100 localities of 43 entities of the Russian Federation.

14% of the respondents (in January - 20%) don`t feel any crisis, 15% of the respondents find difficulty in replying.

Speaking of the manifestations of the crisis the Russians first of all indicate the rise in prices and inflation (45%), fall of living standards (11%), unemployment and job cuts (12%).

Sociologists have also asked what has been happening to the expenses of the Russian families for the last six months or a year.

According to 34% of Russians, their family expenses have increased. 15% have said that some members of their families have begun to earn less or have lost their jobs, and 9% have said their expenses have decreased. Some of the family members have begun to earn more or have found a job in 5% of the Russian families, and 4% have begun to receive aid from the state or the aid received by them has been increased. Another 38% have answered that none of the above has happened to them.

The average monthly food expenditure of the Russian families makes from one quarter to one half of the family income (42%). Almost every third family (30%) spends from one half to three-quarters of the family income on products. 12% of families spend more than three-quarters of income on food, 9% - up to a quarter.

The survey has also revealed that 15% of Russians have experienced job cuts for the last two or three months. 39% have said that there haven`t been such cases and 44% have said that they are unemployed.

The respondents who work have been asked if they have been forced to accept leave without pay, to work half-day or half-time week. 11% of them have answered positively, 42% negatively, 3% found difficulty in replying.

15% of working respondents have suffered from job cuts or delayed salaries for the last two or three months (38% haven`t, 3% found difficulty in replying).

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU