Ministry of Transport: Russian reservation systems to be used in 3 years


The Russian companies providing 70% of air transport service in the Russian Federation use foreign servers to store data

The Russian air companies providing 70% of air transport service in Russia use foreign servers to store data, and transition to the Russian reservation systems is possible in one or three years, the press service of the Ministry of Transport reported to TASS commenting on the fears of the Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT).

The fears of air carriers

Previously, AEVT warned about the threat that transportation of passengers could be suspendeddue to the requirement to store personal data of the Russian citizens on local servers from September 1, 2015.

The Ministry of Transport said it was aware of the problem.

According to the Ministry, the Russian air carriers believe that the competitive reservation and sale of tickets is possible "only with the use of international automated data systems of air traffic registration with all the necessary functionality."

There are two Russian systems: "Sirena - 2000" and TAIS CRS.

"Engineers of the leading air companies think these systems have few functions," says the representative of the Ministry of Transport adding that "the system has a future, if five major air companies start investing in its development."

But even if such a product appears in Russia than, according to preliminary estimates, it will take one to three years for the companies to migrate into the Russian inventory system, says the representative of the Ministry of Transport.

The Ministry of Transport has reminded that the state corporation "Rostec" develops a unified settlement system for commercial aviation, including reservation and data distribution computer systems (UISS CA), to place it in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, "the Ministry of Transport has no information on the development of UISS CA, as well as on the technical characteristics of the system," added the Ministry.

Law on personal data storage

In 2014, Russia adopted a law requiring companies to use Russian servers to store personal data of Russian users. At present, Roscomnadzor discusses law enforcement actions with the companies covered by the law.

According to the law, while collecting personal data, especially via the Internet, "the operator shall ensure recording, arrangement, collection, storage, refinement (update, change), extraction of personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation with the use of databases located in the territory of the Russian Federation."

Domain names and network addresses that fail to comply with the provisions of the law, will be entered into a special register of those who infringe on the rights of personal data subjects. Roscomnadzor should keep the register, and a legally valid judicial act will be the basis to be included into the register.

In addition, violation of the law will result in limiting access to the resource, but the access will be restored after the violations are eliminated.

Text and pictures by TASS