Lukashenko: agriculture and forest lands are our great resources


The forest industry is the second most important direction for Belarus after the agriculture, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his visit to one of the Belarusian forestry enterprises, BelTA informs.

“Forest is our resource. Let’s use it and take actions. Are there any problems with the agriculture today? No. We have sowed the seeds without any difficulties, let’s harvest in the same way. As for the forests, any problems? We provided all the necessary equipment requested by the Minister of Forestry Economy. People are working,” said Head of State.

The President reiterated the importance of having forest resources in Belarus. “The agriculture and forests are our huge resources and we should use them. Finland has built its economy on them,” admitted Alexander Lukashenko.

The President stressed that the Minister of Forestry Economy had been provided with all the necessary equipment. “We have given everything he requested. Now it’s indispensable to put the forest in order,” highlighted the President.

Furthermore, talking to Minister Mikhail Amelyanovich, Head of State touched upon the use of special equipment in forestry enterprises affected by contamination. “All the forestry enterprises of the Gomel and Mogilev regions have this equipment. It is available in all the 47 affected forestry enterprises,” said the Minister. He also noted that in those areas only 2% of woods were contaminated, the rest was suitable for works.

In general, Belarus has 97 forestry enterprises. The Minister confirmed that the country had enough forest resources to provide producers with the necessary amount of wood. Mikhail Amelyanovich noted that previously they were arguing about what to use for logging: chainsaws or manipulative techniques. As a result, they chose the second option, which turned out to be the correct one, as the logging efficiency increased.

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